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Press Releases

Goolara Symphonie Now Features “RESTful” API

Goolara Symphonie’s API is now compatible with REST. Press release includes link to the examples of REST functions.

Goolara adds advanced capabilities to Symphonie’s “Refer-a-Friend” feature.

New features in Goolara Symphonie turn the "Refer-a-Friend" feature into a powerful tool for increasing your subscriber numbers.

Goolara Receives EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework Certification

Goolara Symphonie is now fully compliant with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework program.

Goolara Symphonie On Premise Version Ports to Amazon Web Services

Goolara Symphonie offers the security and control of an on-premise email marketing solution with the economy and convenience of Amazon’s cloud-based infrastructure.

Powerful Automated Workflow Feature Added to Goolara Symphonie

Create advanced drip campaigns, shopping cart abandonments programs and more with Goolara Symphonie’s new Automated Workflow feature.

10 years and a new version

Goolara’s 10th anniversary is celebrated with a new version of Symphonie.

Goolara Relocates Office to Moraga, CA

Goolara moved the corporate office to Moraga over the weekend.

Goolara’s New Tools for Creating Videos for Email

A new blog article, web page, and guide are all part of Goolara’s new "Video in Email" section.

Email Marketing’s Best Kept Secrets Are Now Revealed at Goolara Resources Website

Goolara’s new resources section is a wealth of information about email design and marketing techniques.

New Best Practices Guides Help Improve Email Marketing

Two-part series examines every aspect of Email marketing best practices.

New White Paper Explains the Text-to-Image factor in Email Deliverability

The latest guide from Goolara explores techniques for maximizing the effectiveness of text and images in email.

Goolara Releases Email Marketing Solution Featuring Advanced Schedule Management With Calendar View

New Calendar View in Symphonie places all the software’s most important features in one easy-to-use window.

New White Paper Shines a Light on Email Deliverability Secrets

Goolara’s new white paper is an in-depth examination of email deliverability issues.


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