We Believe in the Value of Permission-Based Email Marketing. We Oppose Spamming

We practice what we preach. Permission-based email marketing works.

Goolara will only do business with customers that commit to practicing permission-based email marketing, meaning all of their email communications are being sent to recipients that have chosen (opted-in) to receive them. Goolara will not allow customers to send unsolicited emails (SPAM) from our network.

Goolara contractually requires all of our customers to authenticate that their lists are not rented or purchased lists, email append lists, or any other list that contains email addresses inappropriately derived. Our clients agree to provide us with the source of their email addresses, as well as supportive evidence defining how the list was derived and opt-in confirmation obtained. For specific details about Goolara’s policies, we suggest consulting our Hosting Agreement.

Goolara never buys, sells or rents lists—under any circumstances.

While use of a purchased list is a “quick way” to get a campaign started, it generally produces poor results, which further blurs the lines between spammers and legitimate email marketers and eventually hurts the industry as a whole. We encourage marketers to truly grow and build their own list of recipients and leverage the exceptional features in Symphonie email marketing software to segment and personalize all email communications. Email marketers that send relevant content to a targeted list of opted-in recipients will enjoy successful results that can be measured and reported.

We built our software to represent our intention to support industry best practices to our customers.

Symphonie has integrated technology that helps ensure our customers achieve best practices with email marketing. Symphonie provides intuitive features and functionality related to mail sending and recipient management that will help marketers achieve those best practices. For example:

  • With every mailing being sent, Symphonie automatically compares to a global and a topic unsubscribe list, ensuring that any recipient’s request to unsubscribe is always honored.
  • Symphonie provides the ability to upload suppression lists, even in MD5 format, to make it easy to remove recipients.
  • Symphonie also provides marketers with the ability to double opt-in subscribers by using triggered emails to confirm a subscriber’s request for emails communications.
  • Symphonie supports easily creating custom templates to automate insertion of CAN-SPAM compliance language (i.e. business address and opt-out option) into an email message, making it easy for marketers to maintain compliance with every communication.
  • With a single click, marketers can add links for topic or global unsubscribing.
  • Symphonie allows the “From” and “Reply To” addresses to be customized so that recipients can know the source of the message and whitelist the address.
  • Symphonie is designed to be completely scalable and redundant. For users of our hosted service that means Symphonie is deployed across multiple systems that are always available to process any unsubscribe or other request, even if a hardware failure occurs. When users choose to license Symphonie, the software’s scalability and redundancy benefits are actualized when they too deploy Symphonie across multiple systems.
  • To avoid recipient email fatigue, marketers can easily configure recency settings.

The list of features goes on, but these highlights demonstrate how thoroughly Symphonie’s design makes advanced email marketing simple.

We implement a double-opt-in process for the newsletter sign-up, so you will not receive the newsletter until you click on the link in the confirmation email.

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