Triggered mailings have a one of the highest engagement rates of any type of email, making them particularly valuable sales tools for any marketer. You can create sophisticated campaigns triggered by many different criteria, including:

  • Subscriber welcomes and on-boarding follow-ups.
  • Shopping cart abandonment programs.
  • Date-based sends prior to specific events.
  • Anniversary and birthday congratulations.
  • Follow-up mailings based on events such as webinars and trade shows.
Many sources into one

Triggered Email Automation

When combined with Goolara Symphonie’s Automation feature, triggered email becomes even more powerful marketing tool, allowing you to use API calls, recipient actions, and offline events to create individualized email response campaigns. Best of all, it’s very easy to do. To learn more about it, visit our Automation page.

Triggered emails are sent when a pre-specified event occurs. They are different from transactional emails, which are the results of interactions with the recipients.

Dynamic Content in Triggered Email

Goolara Symphonie you can quickly add dynamic content callouts to your triggered emails, letting you control every aspect of a triggered email based on specific data for each recipient. Few others email marketing software providers can even come close. In fact, some do not even allow dynamic content in triggered and transactional mailings. As with standard, promotional email, triggered email in Symphonie can include a variety of dynamic content, from variable text, to pre-designed content blocks, images, and barcodes.

Many sources into one

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