One of our goals at Goolara is to provide you everything needed to manage a successful email marketing program without the nickel-and-dime tactics. However, there are a few services that require additional costs and labor on our part.

Goolara is a full-service email marketing service provider. That means if you need any additional services to maintain your email efforts, we can help.

Full-Service Support

Goolara can also provide full-service support, where we simply take your creative and list and manage the entire process of using Symphonie. If you are too busy or feel you don't have the skills to manage an email marketing program Goolara can help.

Template creation

Goolara can create email templates for you. Simply tell us roughly what you are looking for and one of our content experts will be glad to put together a template for you to use, including dynamic content, if desired.

Landing Pages

If you need landing pages, Goolara can create these as well. Then we’ll make sure they sync up with your subscriber database so that you never miss a potential client.

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