Email restrictions, such as the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and the Data Protection Directive of the European Union countries, mean that email marketers have to be more diligent than ever when it comes to controlling and protecting their data. Some of these laws (such as CASL) also require complete information as to where each email address was obtained.

As legislation around the world tightens up the privacy restriction for email marketing, more and more people are looking to an on-premise solution to protect their data.

As a consequence, more and more businesses are turning to on-premise email marketing systems to help them stay on top of the legal requirements. With an on-premise system, all your data is kept locally, on the servers in your physical office. No one else has access to any of your data. It also means that you have complete control over all the security aspects such as the firewall and login procedures.

Thwarting Hackers

Confronted with these obstacles, a hacker looking to break into a system is far less likely to attempt to steal your data in favor of easier pickings. That is why many security-conscious companies prefer on-premise email marketing solutions over the hosted alternatives. If you are looking for a way to improve your data privacy and regain control over your customer data, an "on-prem" system might be the perfect solution.

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