Transactional reports

Transactional mailings, such as order confirmations, shipping notifications, or welcome email are extremely important emails. Recipients are looking for these emails, and open, click, and engage with them at much higher rates. Therefore it is critical that you have reporting information about these emails.

Transactional Email Reports

With Symphonie, you get detailed information about your transactional email. Determine open and click rates, deliverability, complaint rates, and more for your transactional emails. Don’t let these important emails be sent without all the detailed information you need to understand deliverability and engagement with your recipients.

Goolara Symphony gives you all the same report capabilities for transactional mailings as for promotional email. Both are quickly accessed via the Symphonie dashboard.

Many ESPs require additional charges to send transactional mailings, and offer only limited report metrics on these. With Goolara Symphonie, the same report metrics that are available for your promotional emails are available for your transactional sends. Transactional and promotional mailings are shown separately in the dashboard, allowing you to quickly jump to the reports section for either type of mailing.

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