Email automation is an important component of in digital marketing, but until now most marketing automation software was either exorbitantly expensive, poorly designed, or had limited capabilities. The Automation feature in Goolara Symphonie changes all that, offering real power and flexibility, with all the features you could want at a price that no other marketing automation software can touch. Combine this with Symphonie's already superior dynamic content features and you have a powerful one-two combination for creating email marketing campaigns that will bring home the sales.

Automation graphic

Automated drip campaigns are easy to create.

With Goolara Symphonie, you use a drag-and-drop interface to create virtually any style of automated workflow. Here are some common automations that can be created:

  • Automated On-boarding
  • Shopping cart abandonments
  • Drip campaigns
  • Webinar reminders
  • Re-engagement
  • Lead nurturing

Goolara Symphonie gives you the flexibility to create an automated email campaign that works the way you want it to. It won't box you into a set format like other automation software. If you want a drip campaign that is more intelligent than send-wait-send-wait, one that allows different paths if the recipient clicks on links, downloads whitepapers, calls a representative, or any other criterion, our Automation feature is the answer.

Automation graphic

Color code sections of the automation workflow for quick identification.

If you are new to email automation, our staff can help you through the process. We can analyze your needs and help you develop a workflow that automates everything. And when you are ready to test it, you can do so confidently and safely using our testing and reporting tools.

Automation graphic

Easily create sophisticated shopping cart abandonment programs.

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