Goolara adds advanced capabilities to Symphonie’s “Refer-a-Friend” feature

MORAGA, Calif. September 18, 2018 – Goolara LLC, creator of Symphonie hosted and on-premise email marketing software, announces the addition of powerful new capabilities to Symphonie’s “Refer-a-Friend” feature, allowing marketers to offer incentives for their subscribers when they recommend their friends to join a company mailing list without resorting to third-party software or other off-site solutions.

Symphonie now lets you create a referral program without the need to send unsolicited emails, removing the potential legal issue that has shuttered many referral programs. Additionally, new features were added to make it even easier to radically customize the screens the referrers see, enabling the program to appear completely branded to a company while still running in the Symphonie environment.

“At Goolara we always wanted a way to promote the advantages of a good referral program without asking our customers to take on a new legal liability” Philip Thorne, CEO of Goolara, LLC said. “The changes we’ve made with this version make this possible and improve the ability to customize and run a refer-a-friend program.”

Symphonie comes with a pre-designed template you can use for referral recommendations, or you can design your own using HTML. You can also control how many referrals you’ll accept from any given source, which can help prevent attempts to use the system for undesirable purposes. “You can modify virtually every parameter in your Refer-a-Friend set up,” Thorne said. “From the referral message’s appearance to the rewards notifications, the user has complete control over the details.”

Whether you are looking to create a rewards system for your subscribers, or simply seeking a new way to bring new subscribers on board, Symphonie’s Refer-a-Friend feature will do the trick. As always with Goolara Symphonie, there is no additional charge to use the Refer-a-Friend feature in Symphonie. For more detailed information or to schedule a demonstration, please contact us at: 888-362-4575 (888-EMAIL-75).

About Symphonie

Available as either on-premise software, or as a cloud-based, hosted solution, Goolara Symphonie features an intuitive interface that makes it a breeze to create sophisticated email marketing campaigns without the hassles of other systems. Unlike some marketing software, Goolara Symphonie comes with everything you need to segment, customize and personalize your mailings for maximum impact. Its robust assortment of report features give you the ability to analyze every aspect of your campaigns, from the A/B split results, to time of day effectiveness. Symphonie’s rich functionality and robust API provides everything marketers need to orchestrate, track and act on their email marketing initiatives. Its interface is intuitive and easy to use. Its reporting abilities and dynamic content features are some of the best in the business. The software’s security features satisfy the most demanding network and compliance requirements, including functional-based permissions, audit logs, integrated passwords and a method of secure, real-time access to external data sources.

About Goolara

Goolara, LLC has been in business since 2005, providing digital marketing software designed with the professional marketer in mind. They are the makers of Goolara Symphonie, a versatile and feature-rich email marketing solution that is popular with agencies and companies that work across multiple sales channels.

To learn more about Symphonie, or to schedule a demonstration, please contact us at: 888-362-4575 (888-EMAIL-75), via email at:, or fill out the contact form online.

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