REST Email Marketing API Documentation


Subscriptions refer to the ability to mark a recipient as 'subscribed' to a topic. You can set the subscription status of a recipient when they are imported, but that information can be changed using these APIs. When a recipient is unsubscribed from a topic, Symphonie will automatically remove them from any emails sent with that topic as the unsubscribe topic. This is an automatic process that is always done for you, and cannot be overridden.

Symphonie can be used without specifically marking recipients as subscribed. Recipients can always be targeted for sending and will only be removed if they are marked as unsubscribed (or on-hold or suppressed). Marketers who prefer to choose recipients to target more dynamically using segmentation or other options do not need to bother marking each recipient as 'subscribed'.

These API allow you to change a recipient from unsubscribed back to subscribed status, but we encourage you to be careful when doing this and to be completely certain this is the action the recipient wants.

Symphonie features built-in mail-merge tags to allow recipients to unsubscribe, but you don't have to use these. The pages Symphonie uses are designed to be easy to customize, but if you already have your own subscription center, for example, you may want to manage all subscriptions through that page. In that case use these APIs to tell Symphonie what changes to make in the subscription settings.

Changes to a recipient's subscription settings take effect immediately with the next Mailing or Document sent to them.

As a user of Goolara Symphonie, the REST API is free and included in the latest version of the software. If you have any questions about using Symphonie’s REST API, feel free to contact us.