REST Email Marketing API Documentation

Global Unsubscribes

Global unsubscribes is a mechanism maintained by Symphonie to keep track of recipients who have requested to not be sent any email, regardless of the topic. Symphonie supports unsubscribes by topic, but when recipients indicate they don't want any email sent to them again, the Global Unsubscribe mechanism should be used.

Symphonie supports mail merge tags for a topic-level unsubscribe and a global-level unsubscribe. You can choose to include one or both of these mail merge tags in your content to give options for your recipients.

If Symphonie is configured to respond to ISP complaints, recipients are added to the Global Unsubscribe list when the complaint is processed to ensure they do not receive any more email.

Once a recipient has been global unsubscribed, Symphonie will automatically remove them from any email sent by the system, so you do not need to take any steps to filter the recipient out of sendings.

Symphonie supports both Global Unsubscribes and Suppression lists. Both work similarly in that they stop the recipient from being sent any mail. Suppression lists are generally used by administrators to make sure certain recipients aren't sent to, and are often populated even before the first email is sent. Global unsubscribes are generally populated based on some request from the recipient.

The global unsubscribe entry for a recipient that has complained to their ISP can be removed, but we recommend great care when doing this. ISPs will not react favorably to recipients being sent email after they have registered a complaint.

As a user of Goolara Symphonie, the REST API is free and included in the latest version of the software. If you have any questions about using Symphonie’s REST API, feel free to contact us.