If you looking for a way to use your email marketing software’s API to improve your email campaigns, speed up your triggered email processing, and improve your transactional email personalization, then you’ll want to look at Goolara Symphonie. Goolara offers a robust API with wide assortment of functions, as well as the ability to handle large amounts of data. It is extremely fast and responsive. The API uses the same description language used by many of the major online companies, including Amazon. With it, you can automate the most important aspects of your email marketing program, including:

  • Adding new recipients and their demographics
  • Managing subscriptions
  • Recipient status updating and responding
  • Transactional and triggered email personalization
  • Full transactional and triggered email reporting capabilities
  • Export individual recipient details about opens, clicks, or deliverability

There’s no extra charge to use the API in Symphonie. It is available in both the on-premise and hosted versions. To learn more about the power API capabilities of Symphonie, please contact Goolara.

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