If you are interested in creating a rewards-based referral campaign for your marketing effort, Goolara Symphonie’s Refer-a-Friend feature lets you do this with capabilities that rival the best referral software on the market. With it, you can offer your subscribers reward incentives for any successful sign-ups they recommend. Unlike referrals via social media and other outside sources, referrals are trackable and suitable for follow up.

While there are third-party referral services offer similar features, some require your subscribers to download proprietary apps to join the referral programs, while other silo the data received separate from your own subscriber list.

There are many advantages to Symphonie’s refer-a-friend feature over third party vendors, including:

  • All referrals stay within your database, not a third party source.
  • Use the built-in templates, or create your own.
  • Works with Symphonie’s report features.
  • List size controls to prevent spam attempts.
  • Comes with Symphonie, free of charge.

Better Privacy

With the increased scrutiny on data gathering techniques and the fines associated with violating certain international privacy regulations, marketers are turning to less invasive referral techniques to increase their subscriber ranks. A well-planned referral program is a great way to increase your subscriber base by tapping into the goodwill of your current subscribers. Using this Refer-a-Friend technique, you avoid unsolicited emails and grow your subscriber based on the satisfaction of your customers.

Expand your subscriber base by enlisting your current subscribers as goodwill ambassadors.

Versatile and Adaptable

Goolara Symphonie gives you all the design and mailing controls you could want as well. Use the existing referral form, or design your own with HTML. You can also limit the number or referrals at a time to ensure that no one can abuse the system. Best of all, by using Symphonie’s Refer-a-Friend feature, your subscribers will always receive the proper credit for any friend referral they make even is that person does not use the provided link to join the mailing list. No third party referral software can offer this.

We’ve only scratched the surface of the versatility and features available with Symphonie’s Refer-a-Friend feature. To learn more contact us for a demonstration of this and all the great features in Goolara Symphonie.

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