Segmentation is the ability to reduce your recipient list down in size based on characteristics or behaviors of your recipients. Take a list of 100,000 recipients, for example, and create a segment that targets just 10,000 of them based on criteria such as past purchases or age bracket.

Numerous studies show that well-targeted email messages generate much higher ROI than untargeted messages. Recipients open more email, click more links, buy more products, and stay subscribed in much bigger percentages for those email marketing professionals that properly target their recipients with content that is relevant and interesting to the recipient.

Many sources into one

Symphonie makes it easy for you to create these targeted emails. Simply use our integrated graphical wizard to pick the criteria you want to use for targeting. Pick a single criteria, or pick multiple pieces of criteria and express the relationship between them.

Here are some of the things that can be used as segment criteria in Symphonie:

  • Demographics you create, such as age, gender, or location
  • Opens of emails, or failures to open emails
  • Clicks on links, or failures to click. For example, target those that clicked a link for information about upcoming webinars.
  • Downloads of white papers or other information from your website
  • All the recipients of a past email
  • Page views from your website. For example, target those that view pages about cameras.
  • Purchases from your website

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