REST Email Marketing API Documentation


A Mailing in Symphonie is the mechanism that allows you to send content to multiple recipients at once. Often these are newsletters or advertising with content that is unique to that sending. To send content that may be repeated over and over, like an invoice, or content that is sent based on an activity, like a Welcome email to new subscribers, use a Document.

Using this API, you can create a mailing with a HTML section and/or a text section. The content can include images as HTML IMG tags. You must provide a path to a web server to hold your images. Users of Goolara's Symphonie in the hosted environment can take advantage of the hosted image library to store your images, but that is only available from the web interface.

By default, any links found in the content (A tags) will be set to clickthrough tracking. If you want only a subset of the links to be tracked, you can provide the list of links to track as part of these API calls.

To send a Mailing to recipients, first create the mailing with the Create API. The next step is to determine the audience. If you want to send to all the subscribers of some topic, you are done. Otherwise you can assign a set of recipients with the Audience API call, or you can create a segment and set the mailing to use that segment for the audience. You may choose to create test renderings or test email sends. You can also see the mailing you have created in the Symphonie web interface, where you can visually work with the content, add dynamic content, or make any other adjustments you desire. Once the email is ready to be sent, use the Queue API to send the email. To take advantage of A/B splits or IP address warmups or other advanced features, use the web interface.

Once the email has been sent you can gather real-time data on opens, clicks, deliverability, or complaints with the Report API call.

Mailings must has a unique title in the system. Once a Mailing has been sent, information is stored on the deliverability, opens, and clickthroughs, so the Mailing cannot be deleted or this information would be lost. The unique title must be 25 characters or less in length, but can include characters from any language.

As a user of Goolara Symphonie, the REST API is free and included in the latest version of the software. If you have any questions about using Symphonie’s REST API, feel free to contact us.