REST Email Marketing API Documentation


Demographics are the fields you define to store information about your recipient. It might be their age, martial status, gender, home address, or spouse's name. Demographics are best for fields that have only one value, such as their age. If you need a variable number of fields, such as their children's names, where the recipient could have from zero to many entries, use the Symphonie Offline Events feature.

Every demographic is stored in the database with an appropriate column type. This allows logical operations against the data that would be difficult if every field was simply a text type. For example, by defining the Age field as a number, Symphonie will allow you to build segments where the Age is between 21 and 30, or a Birthday field can have operations such as an anniversary, the birthday, or the calculated age of the person.

Symphonie does not ship with a pre-defined list of demographics name that you must choose from. You can create any demographic name you want, and as many as you need (within reason). The name of the demographic can be in any language.

Note:You can extend the length of text columns if they are less than 250 characters, but otherwise you cannot change a data type. If you need to make a change to the data type of a demographic, delete the demographic and re-add it.

As a user of Goolara Symphonie, the REST API is free and included in the latest version of the software. If you have any questions about using Symphonie’s REST API, feel free to contact us.