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Use all your data, from every source

  • Import External Tables
  • Create Dynamic Hyperlinks
  • Dynamic Transactional Email
  • Dynamic Content Blocks
Email marketing system

An On-Premise and Hosted Email Marketing System
with all the features you want, without the hidden costs.
You could pay more, but why?

Goolara is celebrating its ten-year anniversary, and with it comes a new, more powerful version of Symphonie. We’ve gone through Symphonie and streamlined many of its operations, making it more responsive and compatible than ever. We’ve also added a set of great new features that can help take your email marketing efforts to a new level. Import data tables from offline sources such as point-of-sale systems and trade show leads; sort and categorize your online images into as many folders and subfolders as you like. To learn more about these and the other features available in Symphonie, click here.

Enterprise-level marketing power with an interface anyone can understand.

Email Marketing Resource Center: Articles, White Papers, and Guides

Fonts in Email

New! Have you ever tried to use your own fonts in a mailing, only to find out that Gmail ignored your design? Or have you tried converting all your text to images, and then wondered what happened to your deliverability? And what about Google’s new Web Fonts. Can you use them in email, or should you forget about it? In this article on the Goolara Blog, we look at all these questions and answer them as definitively as possible. For anyone trying to use fonts in email, this tells you what works, what doesn’t, and which techniques you should avoid at all costs.

Updated White Papers and Guides

New! Email marketing is a constantly changing field. Mailbox providers and ISPs regularly tweak their algorithms and software in attempts to improve the email experience for their clients. Sometimes these changes are minor, and sometimes, they move the playing field. This month we went through all our white papers and guides and updated them based on our latest email research and intelligence, and, in some cases, reformatted the books for better ebook reader compatibility. If you’re new to our white papers and guides, or you haven’t read them in a while, now is a good time to visit the Resources section of this web site.

Symphonie 3.9 now available to all subscribers

In celebration of our tenth anniversary, we're releasing a new version of Symphonie with some powerful new features to make your email marketing campaigns easier to create and manage. Our new visual editor improves upon Symphonie's already excellent ability to work with HTML from other sources, including better image management capabilities, and a hyperlink manager that lets you create sophisticated, personalized links. We've also added the "Offline Events" feature, which lets you import tables from virtually any source, making it possible to open data from sources that have no direct connection to you email marketing system.

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