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Email Marketing

  • Premium Power
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Multiple Marketing Platforms
  • Superior Transactional Features
Email marketing system

Email Marketing Platform with the features you need and no hidden costs.

Email Marketing Resource Center: Articles, White Papers, and Guides

Annual Review of Email Marketing

New! We’re starting the year out on the Goolara Blog with our annual review of the best and the worst examples of email that we encountered during 2014. A few of these are mistakes anyone could make, but most are the kinds of errors that will leave you speechless. To balance things out, the article also includes examples emails we think did an excellent job of getting their messages across.

Keeping Your List Clean

In this blog post, we take aim at the Email Marketing Service Providers that expect you to run your subscriber list through third-party applications to remove bad addresses. Shouldn’t your ESP be doing this for you? We look at the differences between improperly formatted email addresses and invalid ISPs, and how the right email marketing software can minimize deliverability problems. Bottom line: If your Email Marketing Service Provider isn’t already taking care of these things, you need a new ESP.

Geolocation Tricks & Techniques

You’ve collected address information for your recipients, but what’s next? How do you convert that data to return useful geolocation information? In this article on the Goolara Blog, we show you what you need to know to start using this geolocation data in a practical fashion. We show ways to connect store locations to recipient address, and add those results to the recipient database for use with dynamic content.

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