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Retail is a vertical that can make heavy use of email marketing. From standard promotional emails to triggered mail for order confirmations, product availability notices, shipping confirmations, and more, the one-to-one communication mechanisms work well with retailers. In addition, there are opportunities for workflow automations for things like shopping cart abandonments, credit card expiration notices, and any drip-level or workflow to help move potential customers along a pipeline. Here are some examples:

etail retail Promotional Mail The bread-and-butter for a retailer is the newsletter. Sending consumers regular correspondence advertizes your products and keeps your name top-of-mind. The challenge is to remain relevant to the consumer, so your email is not discarded or left unopened in the inbox clutter. Sending targeted, personalized, and relevant email communications is critical to keep the consumer engaged. This can often be done best with the use of dynamic content, where the offers and other content are made conditional based on the interests of the recipient. Base your criteria on past purchases, open and clickthrough behavior, website analytics, or other sources to increase the likelihood of getting the right content in front of the consumer.

Transactional Mail Consumers expect to receive immediate email confirmations of purchases and shipping notices, but the challenge for retailers is to get more value out of these emails. Sending a plain-text email with just the raw details doesn't help the retailer stand out, and misses a huge opportunity for cross sales and other promotions. Transactional emails are expected by the consumer, and so are opened and read with a much higher percentage than most promotional emails, so take advantage of that! Additionally, transactional email can be great for birthday coupons, product availability notices, and any other opportunities that the client requests to be informed of events.

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