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Business to Business

"Can you help me make money?" That is the first question any business will ask when considering purchasing your products or services. If you can't prove that, you're not going to make a sale. The very nature of B2B communications has a completely different feel than B2C. Business communications tend to be more technical and less flashy than the marketing sent to consumers. Personalized content becomes vitally important. Goolara Symphonie's advanced dynamic content and segmentation features can help ensure that the message each person receives matches their profile perfectly. Several other factors can make or break your B2B email campaign. Here are just a few features of Symphonie that can help you make that sale:

B2B Dynamic "From" With business communications it is important to make sure that all correspondence appears to come from a specific person. More so than in B2C communications, recipients want to feel that a particular person is reaching out to them from a company, not just the marketing department. Symphonie can make the addressing unique for each recipient, and alter the "from" for each email so that it appears to come from a specific sales representative.

Drip Campaigns and Lead Nurturing Business sales often have a longer sales cycle than does consumer sales. It may take many months to close a sale for a large ticket business item, and regular reminders of the value proposition can help ensure that the sale will eventually occur. The email automation features offered in Symphonie make it easy to create drip campaigns or lead nurturing workflows that automate the sending of emails to potential clients. Use the graphical interface of Symphonie to build logic based on the interest of the lead. When the lead begins to hit the website more often, makes some calls to the salesperson, downloads whitepapers, or attends webinars you can lead them down different workflows that reflect their growing interest.

Deliverability Deliverability to an individual company may be more difficult than to a big ISP like AOL or Hotmail. Many company email filters are set more aggressively than the ones used by the big ISPs. Goolara's deliverability team is experienced at working with companies to get email filters cleared to allow delivery.

Individual Details The number of recipients on the distribution list is generally quite a bit smaller, and each contact may be more expensive than a consumer lead. This means that it is critical that you can drill into the exact details of the opens, clicks, and deliverability information for each recipient. Symphonie allows you to find out exactly which links were clicked from each mailing, and to see the specific details of the sending results, and more, so you can get all the details you need.

Content Differences The focus of the content for B2B emails should be different. Business people don't respond as well to coupons and offers of free shipping. Instead the content should make its pitch concisely with a minimum of strong visuals or complicated layout. The dynamic content features of Symphonie can be invaluable to make sure the recipient receives a highly focused message that is relevant to the recipient.
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