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Symphonie Pricing

Symphonie is available in two different deployment options - as a hosted, (ASP or SaaS) model, or as an on-premise, licensed deployment. Both versions offer the same feature set, and customers can easily move between the different models. Goolara is the only vendor that allows you to sign up initially for the hosted model, and later switch to the on-premise model with no data loss and the exact same user interface and features.


You get all features for one price. That includes opens, clickthroughs, API access, segmentation, dynamic content, reports, users, demographics - everything. Some customers have a hard time believing this because other ESPs regularly charge for features that were unexpected by the customer. When using Symphonie the only thing that will cause your bill to change is your usage. There are small extra charges for optional configurations involving multiple partitions or additional IP addresses, but these are not common.

The pricing for the hosted model is based on messages sent (CPM). Agreeing to purchase more messages each month gives you a lower price per message. Overages are charged at the same per-message charge, with no penalties assigned.

There is no per-recipient charge or per-list charge. Load hundreds of thousands of recipients and only pay for the small percentage that you actually send to. And create as many lists as you want for no extra charge.

The monthly service price includes the following services:
  • Deliverability
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Training
  • Application Support
  • Advanced Support
  • Best-Practices Consulting
Pricing starts at US $200 for 10,000 messages/month. As the volume increases the per-message price decreases.
For more information about the services provided by Goolara for the hosted version, click here

On Premise

The on-premise solution for Symphonie is a one-time purchase to acquire the software license. Once the license is purchased the product can be used forever with no additional payment required. There is no charge for messages sent. The license includes all features, but the price varies based on the capacity of the system, measured in total active recipients, sending speed, and when needed, the number of partitions supported.

Symphonie includes its own high-performance email sending engine (MTA), so you do not need to purchase a mail sending server. Additionally, Symphonie includes the ability to send fully mail-merged and tracked transactional email from the same system, as part of the price. For more information about the on-premise version, see the link here.

Prices start at US $3000 for 25k recipients. Annual support and maintenance maintenance packages can be purchased. Additionally, deliverability services can be provided for on-premise customers. See the details for that service here.

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