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Triggered Email

Triggered emails have a one of the highest engagement rates of any email, making them particularly valuable sales tools for any marketer. Shopping cart abandonment notices, birthday greetings and changes in membership status all are handled as triggered email. They are similar to transactional email in that they are sent out based on an event, but with triggered emails, the parameters of these events are set up ahead of time and may be based on non-specific events, such as a certain day, or number of days since the last transaction. Here are some of the conditions that can be used to trigger emails:

  • Subscribes. Send an email automatically when someone subscribes, as a "welcome" type of email.
  • Opens or clicks. Send an email when recipients open an email or click on the links.
  • Relative dates. For example, two weeks before a webinar.
  • Anniversary dates. For example, three days before a birthday or renewal date.
  • Database changes, such as changing the value of a demographic.
  • Offline events. For example, trigger an email when a shopping cart abandonment event is recorded.

Constructing a Triggered Email

In the example below, a shopper receives a notice that she has reached the platinum level on her store membership card. She probably already received a transactional email as an e-receipt for her purchases, but this email was triggered by the fact that she reached the point level needed to receive platinum-level membership. As with standard, promotional email, triggered email can include a variety of dynamic content, from variable text, to pre-designed content blocks, images, and barcodes. Using dynamic content in transactional email helps personalize the message, which, in turn, increases the response rate and the customer’s willingness to receive future email.

triggered email

Creating these triggered conditions in Symphonie is easy. Simply use the included graphical interface to specify the condition(s) and the content you want sent. The software is also capable of highly specific custom logic that extends its capabilities well past most other email marketing solutions.

To see the interface for creating triggers, or to find out more about the system, please contact Goolara.

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