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Current release 3.5

This release includes several new features and some bug fixes. Here are the changes:

  • Increased queuing speed for transactional emails
  • Faster content block displays in Dynamic Content selection screens
  • 50% split mailing capabilities without real-time optimization
  • New pivot options for all Document reports
  • New ability to designate a time zone for demographics

Faster queuing speeds - In Symphonie 3.5, requests to send transactional emails can be queued via the API at almost twice the previous speed.

Faster Content Block lists - In previous version of Symphonie if you had thousands of Content Blocks, the selection screen to choose one for Dynamic Content was slow to display. Now it is considerably faster.

50/50 A/B splits are now possible - The A/B Split feature now lets you create mailings that send different versions of the email to each half of the people on your list, without adjustments based on the results.

More pivot report options than ever - The pivot feature has been extended to work with document reports as well as well as promotional mailings. For the email marketer that makes extensive use of API-based mailings, this feature makes your work easier with the ability to see in an instant which mailings are the most effective.

New ability to designate a time zone for demographics - With dynamic content, segmentation, and other scheduled tasks the system needs to know the time zone of a demographic column in order to make the proper date calculations. Now the system supports designating a time zone for demographics, so it will know that 3:00pm means 3:00pm EST, for example.

Additionally, every new release has updates to the logic for recognizing the proper classification of failures when sending emails and tuning of the mail sending engine for optimal deliverability.

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