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Current release 3.9

This release includes one significant new feature and many enhancements. Here are the changes:

  • A new look!
  • New custom tables feature
  • Better compatibility with latest browser versions
  • Enhanced hyperlink manager
  • Enhanced image manager
  • Enhanced content editor
  • Enhanced recipient and demographic controls
  • Enhanced preview screens
  • Additional web analytic vendors supported
  • Auto imports feature

A new look – Symphonie's administrative interface now adjusts its screen size to fit your device. It is scalable from large desktop monitors to small tablets and mobile devices.

New custom tables feature – The Offline Events feature in Symphonie 3.9 lets you create custom tables to hold data extracted from sources outside of Symphonie. This makes it possible to create segments, schedule event-based mailings, and modify dynamic content based on information that is not part of your basic subscriber information. Click here for more information.

Better compatibility – Browsers such as Firefox, Safari, and Chrome are constantly modifying their features to keep up with changing technology. With each new iteration of these browsers, we review the changes and adjust Symphonie accordingly.

Enhanced Hyperlink Manager – The Hyperlink Manager has been enhanced to make it easier to create dynamic links using mail merge tags and dynamic code logic to create the link or query string arguments. With the Hyperlink Manager you can create dynamically changeable links, build unique query strings based on subscriber information, and much more. Control virtually every aspect of a link with this powerful tool.

Enhanced Image Manager – Keep your images in Symphonie organized and easy to find with Symphonie's enhanced Image Manager. Create folders and subfolders for all the images you use in your email marketing campaigns, move images around, and upload multiple images at once, all from one easy-to-use window.

Enhanced content editor – The content editor screens have been updated to make it easier to get to the plain text section and new menus and features makes it even easier to add dynamic content to your message, subject line, or headers. Additionally, a new audience tab makes it easy to change the segment or unsubscribe topic after the email has been initially created.

Enhanced recipient and demographic controls – The interface for searching for recipients has been enhanced, allowing for searching based on any demographic field. Demographics now allow for a custom sort order, to put the demographics you are most interested in near the top.

Enhanced preview screens – The already powerful preview functionality has been enhanced even more to allow for a simple toggle between multiple recipients to quickly see the differences in their content, as well as new preview screens, including a mobile version.

Additional web analytic vendors supported – In addition to Google, Symphonie now supports web analytics vendors IBM Digital Analytics (Formally Coremetrics), Omniture, and WebTrends.

Auto imports – A new feature is the ability to easily configure automatic recipient or offline imports into Symphonie, with a follow-up status email. Great for automating import routines!

Every new release has updates to the logic for recognizing the proper classification of failures when sending emails and tuning of the mail sending engine for optimal deliverability.

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