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Email Marketing

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Email marketing system

Email Marketing Platform with the features you need and no hidden costs.

Email Marketing Resource Center: Articles, White Papers, and Guides

What's Behind Google's Gmail Caching Policy?

NEW! In December 2013, Google made important changes to the way its Gmail service handled images. Instead of passing image requests through to the ESPs, Google began caching all images on their own servers. At the same time, they turned on image display as the default setting in everyone's email. In this blog post, we look at the what these changes mean to you as we look behind the curtain at possible reasons for Google's new approach. Read More...

Using Preheaders to Improve Open Rates

Preheaders are a great way to improve how your mailings look in email clients that use snippets, such as Gmail and Apple's iPhone Mail app. Instead of leaving those snippets to the fates, learn to control what they say and how they appear in the inbox. Sometimes a well-written preheader can make the difference between an email behind opened and automatically deleted. This blog post is titled "The Complete Preheaders and Snippets Tutorial" for good reason. It contains everything you need to know to start using preheaders in your mailings today. Read More...

Turns Every Email into a Transactional Email with Dynamic Content

The old "batch and blast" approach to email is rapidly going the way of the Dodo bird. As recipients get more sophisticated, they've come to expect more from the email they receive. They want email that is tailored to their interests, not a generic message aimed at the broadest possible audience. With Goolara Symphonie, you can tailor every part of an email to appeal directly to each recipient. From the sender's address to variable content blocks, the clever use of dynamic content can make each email as unique as a personal note. Learn More...

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Goolara’s latest version of its multi-featured and powerful email marketing software is now faster than ever, offering new mailing and report features that few others can match. The new version features several enhancements, including:

  • Increased queuing speed for transactional emails
  • Faster content block displays in Dynamic Content selection screens
  • 50% split mailing capabilities without real-time optimization
  • New pivot options for all Document reports
  • New ability to designate a time zone for demographics

Already one of the best email marketing platforms on the market, Goolara Symphonie offers all these features at no extra cost. Unlike other email marketing software providers, there are never any hidden costs with Goolara.