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Email Marketing

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Email marketing system

Email Marketing Platform with the features you need and no hidden costs.

Email Marketing Resource Center: Articles, White Papers, and Guides

Geolocation Tricks & Techniques

New! You’ve collected address information for your recipients, but what’s next? How do you convert that data to return useful geolocation information? In this article on the Goolara Blog, we show you what you need to know to start using this geolocation data in a practical fashion. In our example, we show how to identify specific sites, such as store locations, and add those results to the recipient database for use with dynamic content. If you’ve been wondering what to do with those street addresses, here’s the answer.

Dynamic Content Blocks

We construct a newsletter from scratch, demonstrating how to use dynamic content in concert with content blocks to make content more relevant, personal, and engaging. Images, paragraphs and entire blocks of HTML can be controlled using dynamic content logic. Also discussed is the process of using merge tags directly in your HTML for fast and accurate replacements of images and content data.

Email Coupon Techniques

People love coupons, but what does the word mean anymore? What constitutes a coupon in the age of email and online services? In this article on the Goolara Blog, we look in-depth at the process of creating and using coupons in email and how different business models and point-of-sale technology can determine the best approach. Among the topics discussed are BOPIS (Buy Online, Purchase In Store), BOPIS (Buy in Store, Buy Online), and the use of dynamic barcodes in email coupons.

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